We believe, that The Sagehills School is the best place to receive world class education; the best place to give world class education ; and the best place to learn, work and play.

We believe that we provide access to world class education and global leadership; that we deliver the best possible education to every pupil/student we teach today; that we research new and better ways to improve the education we will provide tomorrow; and that we are building those that will rebuild the world in the near future.

We believe every child has dignity and worth; therefore we treat our pupils/students, their families and each other with integrity, compassion, courtesy and respect.

We believe excellent and affordable education should be available and accessible to every child; therefore we work efficiently, provide diverse support, minimize waste and take personal responsibility for the quality of education we provide.

Mission and Vision

To and provide rich, qualitative and a broad based balanced education for pupils of all backgrounds.

Installing discipline, integrity, hard work, diligence, self confidence; a passion for intellectual distinction and spiritual excellence.

To give our students an edge over others, in order for them to develop into God fearing adults, take their various places in our modernized society as responsible well-cultured individuals.